Sci-Art session

We have a two consecutive Sessions and a Lunch Demo Session at EAS 2023 entitled Sci-Art: Communicating Science Through Art.

Our Sessions will be held at 09:00-10:30 and 11:00-12:30 on Tuesday 11th July, in the S4 3 Room.

Our Lunch Demo Session will be held at 12:45-14:00 on Tuesday 11th July, in the S4 3 Room.

First Session SPEAKERS

Our session speakers for the first session are listed below, alongside their talk titles

Victoria Grinberg (Invited): But I Cannot Draw ...!

James Trayford (Invited): Multi-model Data Expression, Sonification & Immersive Adventures in Astronomical Data with STRAUSS

Maja Jabłońska: Generating Scientifically Correct Procedural Worlds for an Indie Spacefaring Game

Giannandrea Inchingolo: Into the (Un)known - A Science-Art Journey to the Cosmic Data

Anastasiia Voloshina: Good Astronomer = Good Designer: Hobby or Necessity?

Valentin Ivanov: Through the Eyes of a Reader and Science Communicator: Science in the Mainstream and in the Genre Literature of Yesterday and Today

Nicolas Cuello (ePoster): Planet Formation and Disc Dynamics: Outreach Through Immersive Graffiti, AI-Generated Images, and Comic Strips

Angelo Adamo (ePoster): The Future Soundscape - When we use Music to Disclose the Beauty and Complexity of the Cosmos

Valentina La Parola (ePoster): When Science Meets Art, a Galaxy is Born - Multiwavelength Astronomy for Kids

Michal Zajaček (ePoster): Galactic Nuclei in Pictures

Rhea-Silvia Remus (ePoster): Explaining Astrophysics through Comics: Galaxies are Like Humans, All the Same but Very Different


Our session speakers for the second session are listed below, alongside their talk titles

Nicolas Bonne (Invited): The Tactile Universe: The Beauty of Tactile Graphics and Their Applications to Science Art

Michele Ginolfi (Invited): Herakoi: A Motion-Sensing Sonification Experiment

Luca Di Mascolo (Invited): Edukoi: Sonification for Inclusive Astronomy Education

Benjamin Seidel: The Universe at Your Fingertips: 3D Printing Astrophysical Data

Amaury Triaud: Bringing Exoplanets to New Art Venues

Justyna Olszewska: The Exhibition as a Space for Education and Experience

Angelo Adamo: COsMIC RAYS - Explaining High-Energy Astrophysics to Youngsters (Who Usually Have Too High-Energies to Stop and Hear Who Explains High-Energy Astrophysics)

Karolina Dziadura (ePoster): Good Night Collective: Art and Science Collaborating for a Darker Sky

Jan Pomierny (ePoster): JWST Universe - Deep Dive Into a New Chapter of Space Discoveries

Ulrike Kuchner (ePoster): Understanding Art-Science Collaborations for Innovative Forms of Transdisciplinary Research

Franz Kerschbaum (ePoster): The Sun, a Prism, some Thermometers and the Curious Herschel Siblings - Transformative Science and Performing Arts


Our lunch session is held at 12:45-14:00 on Tuesday 11th July.

It will comprise demos of art projects and Sci-Art from attendees at EAS, as well as a discussion about how to Science and Art can be used together to further science communication.

The gallery

This image carousel includes some of the work submitted to our gallery. To view the whole gallery along with captions from the artists, please click the View Full Gallery button.

thank you to everyone who submitted art!

session organisers

We'd like to acknowledge the effort made by all of the session organisers to successfully run this session

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