Intercultural Communication Workshop for Astronomy Professionals striving for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Astronomy.

The Workshop

This workshop will engage you, as an Astronomy Professional in 3 ways – 1) Understanding and defining the spectrum of cultural diversity and intercultural-competence we encounter in astronomy; 2) Being able to define your own inter- and intra-cultural self as an astronomer; 3) How to use intercultural competence to reframe inclusion and diversity in astronomy from your own small interactions to large group interactions.

We will spend 3 hours online in a collaborative workshop environment (not your standard zoom meeting) with presentation elements, collaborative activities, and individual strategy time. The focus is on working both independently and with safe peer-sharing to gain understandings that lead to ideas that are immediately, or in future, actionable in all kinds of astronomy workplaces.

This workshop is aimed at being engaging, useful, and, we would be so bold as to say enjoyable, for all. Stressed here is that you do not need to be "in to" these issues to find this time an if not useful, at least pleasant, way to spend three hours of valuable time... that may well lead us to a better future in our astronomical community

THE Workshop Host

Jake Noel-Storr, hails from the UK, and then did their PhD on AGN and Supermassive Black Holes at Columbia University before being engaged in education and outreach centered positions at the University of Arizona, Rochester Institute of Technology and now the University of Groningen. Jake also ran an NGO full-time for 5 years, which built a network of diverse students all around the world in over 50 countries and on every (non-Antarctica) continent.

They are recognized as one of the world's leads in STEM education and evaluation relating to Astronomy -- including being the President of the Association for Astronomy Education, Co-Chair of the European Astronomical Society Working Group for Inclusion, and a member of the IAU EC WG OC for Inclusion and Diversity in Astronomy and a member of NAEIC (The Netherlands Astronomy Equity and Inclusion Committee). Jake's passion it to strive for a future where everyone can be a STEM literate, critically thinking, global learning -- using Astronomy as a tool to get there, and building into that all of the diversity around the world!