The Netherlands Astronomy Equity and Inclusion Committee

Image of the Pleiades star cluster © Molly Wakeling AstronoMolly Images; Used with Permission.


Netherlands Astronomy Equity and Inclusion Committee

Shared documents

Terms of Reference

(Last updated July 2020)
Website version Terms_of_Reference 200916.pdf

Values and Code of Conduct

(Applies from August 1, 2020)
Website version Values_and_Conduct 200916.pdf

Committee Members

Independent chair:
Samaya Nissanke

Ilse van Bemmel

NAEIC Officer:
Tana Joseph

Observer from RvdA:
Michael Wise

Jean-Michel Désert
deputy Ralph Wijers

Jake Noel-Storr
deputy Pratika Dayal

Pedro Russo
deputy Sanjana Panchagnula

Marijke Haverkorn
deputy Andrew Levan

Betsey Adams;
deputy John Swinbank

Ilse van Bemmel;
deputy Marjolien Verkouter

Elisa Costantini
deputy Russell Shipman

Recordings & Slides

May 2022

NAIEC Seminar 10
A brief introduction to decolonisation in the context of global astronomy

September 2022

NAIEC Seminar 11
Science, Society and Storytelling

November 2022 (replay available February 2023)

NAIEC Seminar 12
Diversity in ASTROMOVES

February 2022

NAIEC Seminar 7
Equity, diversity and inclusion in Dutch Astronomy: Who, what, when, where and why?

March 2022

NAIEC Seminar 8
The Workplace Pride Foundation

March 2022

NAIEC Seminar 9
Strategies to boost the careers of early-stage researchers

April 2021

NAIEC Seminar 4
The Tactile Universe

May 2021

NAIEC Seminar 5
Three Women Astronomers and a Databank

January 2022

NAIEC Seminar 6
Creating Cultures of Care that Drive Inclusive Excellence

November 2020

NAIEC Seminar 1
LGBTQIA+ People in Astronomy

February 2021

NAIEC Seminar 2
Let's talk IDEA in Science

March 2021

NAIEC Seminar 3
Building Opportunities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Astronomy