The Netherlands Astronomy Equity and Inclusion Committee

Image of the Pleiades star cluster © Molly Wakeling AstronoMolly Images; Used with Permission.

Committee Members

Independent chair:
Samaya Nissanke


Betsey Adams;
deputy John Swinbank


Ilse van Bemmel (Secretary);
deputy Marjolien Verkouter


Elisa Costantini;
deputy Russell Shipman


Jean-Michel Désert
deputy Ralph Wijers


Jake Noel-Storr
deputy Pratika Dayal


Pedro Russo
deputy Sanjana Panchagnula


Marijke Haverkorn
deputy Andrew Levan


Observer from RvdA:
Michael Wise

Shared documents

Terms of Reference

(Last updated July 2020)
Website version Terms_of_Reference 200916

Values and Code of Conduct

(Applies from August 1, 2020)
Website version Values_and_Conduct 200916

Recordings & Slides

May 2022

NAIEC Seminar 10
A brief introduction to decolonisation in the context of global astronomy

February 2022

NAIEC Seminar 7
Equity, diversity and inclusion in Dutch Astronomy: Who, what, when, where and why?

March 2022

NAIEC Seminar 8
The Workplace Pride Foundation

March 2022

NAIEC Seminar 9
Strategies to boost the careers of early-stage researchers

April 2021

NAIEC Seminar 4
The Tactile Universe

May 2021

NAIEC Seminar 5
Three Women Astronomers and a Databank

January 2022

NAIEC Seminar 6
Creating Cultures of Care that Drive Inclusive Excellence

November 2020

NAIEC Seminar 1
LGBTQIA+ People in Astronomy

February 2021

NAIEC Seminar 2
Let's talk IDEA in Science

March 2021

NAIEC Seminar 3
Building Opportunities for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Students in Astronomy